Jennifer Smith, MS RDN LD

Hi, my name is Jennifer Smith. I started A Bowl Full of Nutrition to help individuals understand that all food fits in a healthy eating pattern. The key is creating balance.

I specialize in eating disorder treatment, meal planning, medical nutrition therapy and weight management. I am a certified Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach, and have extensive counseling and motivational interviewing experience. I am dedicated to improving health and well-being with a belief in Health at Every Size (HAES), body positivity (with training from The Body Positivity Institute), intuitive eating, motivational interviewing and Family Based Treatment (FBT) for eating disorders and weight management.

…more about me.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics from Kansas State University and a Master of Science degree in Dietetics from The University of Rhode Island. I am licensed to practice in Maryland and Virginia. My philosophy is to create a good nutritional foundation to help clients a build a better relationship with food that includes incorporating their preferences, allergies and/or intolerances while guiding them towards a more balanced eating pattern.